As a result of this new connection, we’re making it even simpler for Snapchat users to share their favorite movies and clips with their friends. It’s the first time YouTube URLs may be visually linked to Snapchat Stories. And one-on-one Snaps while still having access to the Camera and the complete suite of Snapchat Creative Tools for self-expression.

That offers a new variety of creative ways for posting YouTube links, which will help both YouTube (with extra referral traffic) and Snap, by improving your choices for Snap expression and interaction.

It’s a nice method to promote more active sharing, with the sticker display enabling a more integrated, direct sharing experience, as opposed to merely sending a link in your Snapchats.

It makes a lot of sense – and for companies, it might assist to allow new methods to drive traffic to your lengthier YouTube videos, while also letting you provide lessons, product overview films, and more through your Snaps.

It is intriguing, too, to see YouTube and Snapchat working in collaboration. I suppose they’re not actually in direct competition, as such, but nonetheless, the expansion of Snapchat Discover does offer at least some threat to YouTube’s online video domination.

But then again, these connections certainly help YouTube more than Snap any way, and it seems like a rather natural extension of Snap links.

To post a YouTube video clip on Snap, follow these steps:

  • Launch the YouTube application and choose a video to watch.
  • After selecting “Share,” choose the “Snapchat” button to be taken directly to the Snapchat Camera.
  • Further use the automatic YouTube sticker to produce a unique Snap, which you can then embellish with any of our editing tools.
  • Friends may watch the video on their YouTube app or via their preferred mobile browser by just tapping the YouTube sticker.

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