YouTube is introducing automated video chapters for all submitted clips, as well as a new dark mode for YouTube Studio on desktop, which will undoubtedly delight lovers of these Goth-themed websites and applications.

To begin, let’s talk about video chapters. In November, YouTube began an experiment in which chapters were automatically added into chosen films based on machine learning-identified important parts.

The feature builds on YouTube’s manually added video chapters, which were made available to all producers in May to ease access to particular parts of video recordings.

While creators may opt-out of the option inside YouTube Studio, YouTube’s technology will eventually attempt to automatically divide new films into specified chapters and components.

Not all films will be eligible, and human segmentation through the aforementioned method will always take precedence over automated segmentation. However, you may notice that new parts are being added to another video – which is worth noting to verify that they are related to your clips.

Segmentation has a number of advantages, including better navigation, but also for SEO reasons, since it enables YouTube’s parent firm Google to route search searches to important, relevant parts inside video files.

However, automatic segmentation will not be flawless, and therefore will be a factor to monitor for companies seeking to improve their YouTube dark mode strategy.

The dark look for YouTube’s Studio is being pushed out to all users.

Users may access dark mode through the app’s ‘Appearance’ settings, which can be accessed via the upper right corner settings menu.

Dark mode choices have a devoted following, and this will undoubtedly be a welcome addition to the noir family of applications.

Finally, YouTube is making an overview of its Stories insights accessible to all viewers through YouTube analytics on desktop.

It’s difficult to say how well YouTube Stories is doing since it hasn’t yet developed into a critical component of the platform, but if you’re already utilizing them, you’ll now have more methods to get insight into your performance.

While none of these changes seem to be game-changing in and of itself, it will be worth monitoring the segmentation aspect in especially when it rolls out to new clips.

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