Birthday marketing is a kind of marketing approach that focuses on nurturing and strengthening client connections by offering something for free on the customer’s birthday or throughout a birthday month. Let us look at as to Why Birthday Marketing is important to delight customers?

Birthday marketing consists of tailored and automated emails that are sent to customers based on their birth date and give them a uniquely pleasant experience. Birthdays play a significant role in everyone’s year. As such, a birthday is an excellent chance to cultivate and enhance your connection with your contacts by engaging them on their special day or throughout their birth month with a gift or offer.

A birthday email sent automatically is one that is sent to your clients on their birthday using automation techniques. This is an excellent opportunity to increase client retention and word-of-mouth marketing for your company, as well as to encourage recipients to return to your site and make a purchase.

These automated emails create a TON of interaction due to their timing and substance. Experian conducted a research and discovered that birthday emails result in the following:

  • A 481 percent increase in transaction rate as compared to promotional emails.
  • A 342% increase in income per email compared to promotional emails.
  • A unique click rate of 179 percent greater than promotional emails.

What is the significance of birthday marketing?

It receives a large volume of clicks. Birthday marketing efforts get a high CTR of up to 13%.
Clients are nurtured. Birthday marketing is an effective client nurturing technique. A well-executed birthday marketing increases brand loyalty by demonstrating to consumers that the business cares.

Simple to do. A birthday email campaign is created once and then continues to function automatically throughout the year. It is editable at any moment if required. Automation 360 enables you to create a birthday promotion.

Enhances the brand’s image. Birthday marketing incentivizes consumers to share their great experiences vocally or through social media. It strengthens the brand’s reputation and fosters a connection of trust with the audience.

Enhances revenue. Long-term, well-designed birthday marketing increases a brand’s revenue because it progressively converts subscribers into loyal customers, who are simpler to engage with and deliver value to.

Tips & Best Practices for Birthday Marketing

Compile data in advance. Birthday marketing should be integrated into your overall email marketing strategy, and data on customers’ birth dates should be collected as soon as feasible. If you haven’t gathered data yet but want to adopt a birthday strategy in your organization, you may collect data using subscription forms.

The emphasis should be on “birthday,” not “marketing.” A 15% discount is not a gift; it is promotional. Bear in mind that birthday marketing is designed to develop connections with consumers, not to rapidly raise sales. Don’t be afraid to give anything out for free.

Any favorable experience is acceptable. It is not required to give a birthday consumer a tangible gift. Simply express your gratitude for having them with you. Wish them prosperity and health; they will be grateful.

Make the most of the festivities. Create an automatic approach for the long term. Apart from birthday marketing, there is holiday marketing, which enhances customer loyalty and income around traditional holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, and the New Year.

Create your own message.

Birthday celebrations have one purpose: to make your clients feel valued and appreciated. As you can see, a generalist message will not suffice. Personalize the message by including your customer’s name, age (optional), and a birthday present that corresponds to his previous activities on your business.

Create a consistent brand personality

Even if your message is one of a kind, it won’t be enough to differentiate you from the other companies sending them birthday greetings. What distinguishes your message as something worth remembering?

When delivering birthday greetings, maintain your brand’s personality by keeping them joyful, consistent, and distinctive. Aim to make your clients feel unique on their birthday, but also to make them grin and laugh. Utilize vibrant images or, better yet, animate them with a GIF or video to share the joy.

Make prudent gift selections.

Making the claim that you’re giving them a one-of-a-kind present for their birthday can make them feel special. Ascertain that your clients understand precisely what birthday advantage you are delivering and how to get it.

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Now that your email content is complete, your AWeber platform in conjunction with email marketing platforms is the go-to software for segmenting and spreading your wishes to your consumers wherever they are, without the need to manually push or check the calendar.

Assist them in commemorating a loved one’s birthday

Birthday emails do not necessarily have to be addressed to the person enjoying the occasion. If you keep note of when someone purchases a birthday present for another person, you may remind them the following year when it’s time to purchase another gift. In this approach, you’re not only assisting your subscribers but also establishing a relationship with them.

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