When it comes to web development, I believe it is more up to technological innovation than ever in this world of ever-increasing online users, especially with all the new developers who want to be developers flocking to the field to learn and inject their own secret sauce into projects in order to improve the quality of the projects, tools, and frameworks as a whole.

While I am a relative novice in the subject, seems to be at the forefront of innovation, particularly when considering how rapidly technologies are updated and renovated. Web development technologies are supported by large teams of people who are constantly updating and curating the code.

Take a look at HTML5 in comparison to its predecessors; in fact, check up the history of HTML if you want to see how up-to-date the present version is in comparison to its predecessors.

If you’re asking this question because you’re concerned about your job security, you shouldn’t worry. While I have yet to get a job as a developer, this is mostly due to the fact that I have never sought for or searched for significant freelancing work since I believe this to be a pastime until the code adheres to me like peanut butter.

Although I regularly inform people about my schooling, it is amusing that professional company owners continually express an interest in acquiring my services. If you have a strong background in web development, there is no shortage of work opportunities available to you.

One of the reasons is that having a website has never been simpler or more affordable than it is now. Consider the following: if you want to develop a content website, it is rather simple to do so using WordPress as a platform. Even being technically literate, much alone being a developer, is not required.

The same can be said for an eCommerce shop; there are several off-the-shelf options available that enable consumers to launch their own online company while putting in little or no effort at all.

Taking a professional viewpoint, this kind of anecdotal evidence implies that being successful in the field of web development is getting more challenging. Despite all of the hype around ‘learning to code’ and the digital economy, it’s possible that making websites isn’t the ideal field to enter.

Web creation is becoming less difficult

Those who claim that web development is on its way out may possibly be referring to the fact that there isn’t as much money in it anymore. If freelancers are finding it difficult to charge the prices that they used to, it’s likely that there is someone out there who is willing to do it at a far lower price.

The reason for this isn’t because there’s a new generation of web developers who are able to make a living off of a pittance of compensation. It’s really becoming a lot less difficult. Aside from using platforms such as WordPress and Shopify, the work of creating websites from the ground up (or, at least, from the ground up) is today simpler than it has ever been.

Is the use of templates putting a stop to online development?

Templates simplify the development and design process for web developers and designers. If you had the ability to do much more than drag and drop templates, why would you want to?

If the ultimate product is pleasing to the eye and performs well, why waste effort on anything else? The more you do for yourself, the more probable it is that you will break anything. And the more you break things, the more you’ll have to repair them in the future.

Of course, templates are making it easier for anyone to get into the world of online development and design. And although we shouldn’t be too concerned about new web developers joining the field, it’s reasonable that many seasoned web developers are concerned about what the future may hold for their profession.

According to this viewpoint, templates are not destroying web development, but they are altering the image of the profession in general. For the avoidance of being too dramatic, this represents both a problem and an opportunity for everyone involved in web development. Whatever your level of expertise or inexperience in the sector, these developments imply that individuals will have to adjust their ways.

Web development is not disappearing; rather, it is becoming fragmented

The way web developers will have to adjust is by deciding which route they wish to pursue in their professional lives. Web development as we have known it is, possibly, on its way out of the door for good. Instead, it is fragmenting into specialized areas, such as the design on the one hand and full-stack development on the other side.

This implies that your skillset must be distinctive. In a world where creating websites requires little in the way of technical knowledge or talent, specialized knowledge is essential.

We have reached a point where the web developer no longer possesses the necessary skill set to create an interesting differentiator, particularly if the primary value proposition revolves around artificial intelligence, computer vision, machine learning, augmented reality, virtual reality, blockchain, and so on.

Building websites is no longer a surprising skill as we’ve seen, individuals who are capable of doing it are everywhere. A native application, on the other hand, is more difficult to develop.

Building a smartphone application that utilizes computer vision to compare you to Renaissance artworks is considerably more difficult to do. These are the kind of things that will be valued in the future and these are the types of things that web developers will need to learn how to accomplish in order to be successful.

Developer skill expansion and full-stack development are two topics that have come up recently

However, I don’t believe this is entirely correct. Yes, it may be fragmenting, but the breadth of, for example, full-stack development is enormous compared to other approaches.

Full-stack developers, on the other hand, must be familiar with a wide variety of technologies and tools. To distinguish oneself in the job market, as Pierno advises, one must be familiar with machine learning, mobile, databases, and maybe even Blockchain. They must also be familiar with databases and blockchain.

It’s not difficult to see how the ‘web’ portion of web development may be on its way out from under this lens of understanding. We must, to some degree, go into the details of how we use the technology that surround the web as the web becomes more prevalent and less of a rarefied’space’ in people’s lives as time goes on.

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