Criticize and create controversies:

Just think of creating some Innovative ways to grow your Instagram followers. When people see the criticism/controversy, they will comment, and that post will bring more and more impressions as well. This way, you can get link-minded people to follow you.


Tips to increase Instagram followers 1. Create and promote a dedicated hashtag for your company. Promote that hashtag on your website, other social media websites, and via email marketing. 2. Use popular hashtags and that should be told about your Instagram post. 3. Create an Instagram advertisement 4. Post Attractive images and elaborate the content relevant to the image. 5. Post daily once or twice a day. 6. Retweet other post content.

Pull relevant crowd with contests:

I will run a contest. For example, if I am handling a makeup brand’s Instagram handle, then I will create a simple contest like “Guess the celebrity” (Will blur the image). Guess the celebrity and 3 lucky winners will get a gift worth Rs.499 something! Also, I will set the rule like – Share this post as a story and tag our Instagram handle.

Why this strategy and how will it affect it? Who doesn’t like Freebie? And in this case, the audience needs to just comment on the right answer and share the post on a story and in return, they will get Rs 599 product for free. 

The lucky winner system will ensure that the content is unbiased. Also, I will make sure to take testimonials of winners and will post it afterward, resultantly more trust and engagement next time.  Besides all this, hashtags and all which are obvious.

Draft a strategized plan

The sequence of trials/strategies is required to increase Instagram followers’ growth. Sharing a few methods that can help a brand/marketers to increase their follower growth organically.

1. Setting up the account (which includes a neat bio, public account)

2. Plan your Editorial Calendar (Let’s say an event, contest, tips, any campaign with a series of related posts)

3. Target your right audience before you post.

4. Optimize posts with dedicated/relevant hashtags. It would boost your account if the brand is publishing more than two posts with the same themed campaign.  Create highlights with a set of themed posts.

5. Interact with users through likes, comments, and shares that will automatically increase your engagement.

6. Cross-promote your page with users similar to your page. Promote the content on your linked accounts.

7. Use trial tools for Analytics and find out the graph.

Focus of cross platform communication

Link your best content from various social media sites, for people to get an idea of what type of content you produce. The best growing concept is ‘learn, teach and grow’. When you teach people something of value, they automatically form an emotional connection with you. With more valuable content, I guarantee you will increase your following base.

Embrace the power of Synergy

Collab with leaders/experts within your niche and also provide valuable content. This will bring a great reach and bring a quality audience to your page. Getting in touch with a thought leader in your niche on your Instagram profile will bring a trust factor among your audience. Don’t treat your equals as competitors, but as partners.

Promote stories on other platforms

Use the story features (poll, questions & live) and share the link on all the other platforms (WhatsApp status & Facebook status, broadcasts). Cross channel promotion is one of the best ways to grow Instagram followers to check out your account.

Tag yourself

Tag yourself in the caption so that people can visit your profile when they see your post. Your profile bio must be more about your personality than your birthday or so. The bio should be, explaining crisply and effectively what type of content people can expect from your account. Add a CTA by the end of the bio.

Stay relevant and original

Create original, engaging, and most relevant content. Make the content simple, short, relevant, and easy to understand. Update your creative stories and posts regularly. Your content should solve the problem. Add bio and links to your profile. Share your Instagram post in relevant Facebook groups with a link to your Instagram account.

Share your Instagram profile link on related websites. Sync all of the stories on your accounts, namely Instagram, Facebook, website/landing page, and other platforms. This way, you can divert all the audience which reaches one of the platforms to all of them.

Don’t hesitate to ask for a shoutout

Appreciate the works of other people in your niche and shout out to them in your posts or videos. This way, you might get a shoutout back from them and gain the visibility of their audience. A random shoutout wouldn’t make sense though. Select the top players who are in the same league as you are and then start to talk about their projects in your posts/stories.

Run contests regularly

Contests are one of the most engaging parts of today’s digital marketing era. You can run 2 to 3 contests each month or on a regular basis, it will help users to engage with your content. Alert them before the contest, and you can run a campaign for promoting a contest.

Also, after the contest ends, announce the results on Insta, and share pics of the winners. It will build trust, and more people will start to follow you and encourage them to share your content with their friends. Implement this strategy regularly, it will build trust and as well as it will increase your follower count.

Innovative ways to grow your Instagram followers
Instagram growth requires significant engagement. Numerous companies make the error of concentrating only on likes and comments without taking into account the individuals who provide such data. If you really want to grow your Instagram following, you must connect with your fans.

However, you should not wait for your followers to initiate the dialogue. Create possibilities for involvement. In Instagram Stories, use Instagram stickers such as open-ended questions and polls. In your picture captions, pose questions. Encourage commenters to tag friends with ideas like “Tag your BFF who you’d invite on this trip!” or “Tag your wine-loving buddy who you’d do this wine tasting with!”

Collaborations provide an additional opportunity to demonstrate your ideas and personality via association. The companies and individuals with whom you associate and support convey a great deal about your own brand. Partnerships may also be quite beneficial for small firms. Consider forming a partnership with your neighbors to reach a highly targeted audience.

Instagram is insanely congested, and growing a huge, engaged following is not as simple as most people believe. However, it is not impossible. There are some really clever and successful strategies to increase your Instagram following this year, but we want to emphasize a few critical points first.

Let’s dissect what those terms represent (and then discuss why interaction is critical).

Instagram will display material to a user if the user has engaged with it before. You’ve undoubtedly noticed that when you like someone’s post, ALL OF THEIR POSTS APPEAR IN YOUR FEEDBACK. This is because Instagram thinks, “Oh, you enjoy this person’s material and you’re linked to this person, so we’ll show you more of their content.”

Interest: This one is a little more difficult to grasp, but the concept is that if you engage with a certain sort of material more often than others, Instagram will take notice and display you more of that type of content. If you’re someone who often likes and comments on memes, Instagram will prioritize the meme accounts you follow above other accounts.

Instagram, like many other social media networks, prioritizes recent material. As a result, it’s critical to understand when your audience is engaged.

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