Increase Email open rates with these hacks

Increase Email open rates with these hacks

Emails are the most extensively utilized marketing method, but they are only effective if the emails are really opened and read.

Whenever it comes to email open rates, even the smallest adjustments may have a significant impact.

Additionally, as more email programs feature tabs that categorize your emails as “promotions” among other organizations that your subscriber has signed up to receive from, this is becoming increasingly crucial.

You should remember that your emails will be competing directly with other brand updates and promotions, so it’s critical that you distinguish your emails and communicate the reasons why people should open and read them.

Email marketing is effective because it enables you to communicate with consumers (and prospective customers) in the area where they spend the majority of their time every day – their inbox. But, after you’ve made it to your inbox, how can you ensure that your emails are truly read and acknowledged?

Fortunately, increasing the number of times your emails are opened does not need a lot of effort.

If you make a few easy changes to your email marketing strategy, you may be on your way to increasing email open rates and creating additional chances for your company.

Getting a decent open rate is a challenge for most organizations, but don’t worry, here are some ways to help you achieve better than average open rates.

I’m going to share some tried-and-true tips with you that I’ve learned through many years of expertise!

  1. Invest in your subject line
  2. Fix your “from name” and “from email address”
  3. Find the best time to send
  4. Get to know your audience
  5. Revisit your sign-up process
  6. Segment your email list
  7. Make your readers feel personally invested
  8. Keep your contact list clean and up-to-date

Using subject lines such as “Here’s the greatest method to…” or “8 must-have tools for any Instagrammer” can pique your readers’ interest.

Surprise them by using subject lines that are unusual of the ordinary, such as “Happy Birthday Krishna” or “Your Autograph please, Krishna?”

Believe me when I say that these subject lines increased my open rates by more than 46%.

Regarding your target audience’s relevance, one of the reasons why your email gets up in their spam folders or is flagged as spam is because it is not valuable to folks on your mailing list (see below). You must explicitly target the set of individuals who would be interested in it, and they will be the ones to open the package.

Send Unopened Emails Again: If your email open rate is poor, it is possible that your emails are not being spotted in your subscribers’ inboxes. Resend Unopened Emails Again: This is most often the outcome of a poorly written subject line. Re-sending your emails with a better subject line is one option for resolving the problem. That is all there is to it.

Email Marketing trends that you should capitalize on

Email Marketing trends that you should capitalize on

Email marketing is unquestionably one of the most effective marketing platforms available. Although there are hundreds of other marketing channels accessible in 2022.

Emails will continue to keep their position since more than 85 percent of consumers use email on a regular basis and 74 percent are eager to accept marketing emails.

Email marketing is a virtually cost-free marketing channel that can be completely automated to produce an unlimited stream of revenue for your company.

With paid advertising on Facebook and Google, email is the only medium where you have complete control over the message. There’s no need to be concerned about algorithm changes, growing fees, or ad account rejections.

The fact that email marketing continues to give a variety of benefits to marketers, from creating a trust to giving the greatest return on investment of any digital channel presently accessible, has never been in dispute.

Nothing digital has ever been exempt from evolution, and this includes electronic mail. Listed below are the top five email marketing trends to watch for in 2022!

Emails that are interactive

Interactive emails include dynamic email components such as forms, surveys, carousels, calendars, and other similar elements that the receiver may fill out inside the email rather than visiting a separate landing page or website to complete. E-mails that include interactive components have a tendency to decrease friction between readers and the action that has to be performed.

AI is an abbreviation for artificial intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence may assist you with a variety of tasks, from generating material like a copy to lowering campaign development time to evaluating client behavior. It has the potential to make the whole process far simpler than we can conceive.


In addition to telling tales, connecting with their readers, providing business insights, and many other things, newsletters may be used for many other purposes. For added interest, use animated GIFs in your message as well as links to movies or informational graphic images.

In an email, you may include user-generated material

User-generated content (UGC) is commonly understood to refer to any material, including images, sounds, graphics, and other types of media, that has been produced by the user.

Email marketing is well-known for its ability to compile and display customer evaluations and comments, among other things. The ability to recognize when, how, and for what purpose to gather feedback is critical.

Email marketing that is highly tailored

By paying attention to customer journeys and personalization, companies may increase their open rates by putting their customers first and taking their concerns into consideration, among other things. In addition, hyper-personalized drip programs provide amazing outcomes for their clients.

Emails that are segmented and targeted generate 58 percent of all revenue. Organizations may use real-time data and surfing activity to send out standout emails to their customers.

In conclusion, here are our top five predictions for email marketing trends in the next year. You should, without a question, take them into consideration, but it is much more important that we understand how and when to use them.