WhatsApp Notifications how to use it as a marketing tool?

WhatsApp Notifications how to use it as a marketing tool?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular chat applications on the market, and its popularity is constantly increasing. WhatsApp was founded on a simple principle: everything you communicate with your friends and family remains private. This means that we will always encrypt your personal chats end-to-end, ensuring that neither WhatsApp nor Facebook can read them. Learn how to use WhatsApp Notifications as a marketing tool.

That is why we do not keep track of who messages or calls whom. Additionally, we do not have access to your shared location and do not share your contacts with Facebook.

Indeed, it is the world’s most popular messaging service, with over 1 billion monthly active users, with India leading the pack.

Despite the app’s power, many users are ignorant of its capabilities and how to utilize it.

Now, before I simplify your life. Allow me to highlight a few of the most serious issues confronting the digital marketing industry:

1) Using Emails as a Notification Provider: You may be using emails to deliver alerts about webinars, seminars, virtual events, other Ecommerce-related messages, but either your end-users forget to read the emails or the emails wind up in spam, costing you revenue.

2) Using SMS as a notification provider: You may be using a variety of bulk SMS providers to automate alerts, but with the DLT process in place, pre-approval for templates, and decreased SMS open rates, it seems that you’re losing a significant portion of revenue.

3) Using IVR as a notification provider: You may be using IVR tools to automate your calling system, but due to True Caller, if a few people report you as spam, all your numbers become useless and you wind up replacing sim cards and spending a lot of money.

These are some of the most serious issues, and I have dealt with them all.

However, there is no need to be concerned; why not utilize WhatsApp as your main notification provider?

Yes, you can send Whatsapp alerts via third-party integration solutions and communicate directly with your audiences through Whatsapp, which has a phenomenal 98 percent open rate!

The following are the top few things you can do:

1) Instamojo Notification of Successful Payment through Whatsapp.

2) Razorpay Successful Payment Notification through Whatsapp.

3) Add Whatsapp Notification to Clickfunnels/Swipe Pages/Any Landing Page Builder ( Send Webinar Notifications directly into the inbox and increase show up rates )

4) Lead Ads/Conversion Ads on Facebook to WhatsApp Notification

These are the best use cases; much more can be done, but I aggressively automate and reach out to my audiences for the above four use cases.

I’d want to introduce Whatsrise – A simple but very effective WhatsApp notification service with genuinely limitless WhatsApp messages. You are not required to pay for the amount of alerts sent ( Wink Wink – No subscription or overhead costs )

Once you join up for one of our premium plans, you’ll have access to fantastic instructional videos that will teach you everything you need to know about automations in detail. Don’t worry – with whatsrise, you’ll become a pro automations expert in no time!

If you do not automate, your rival will and will eventually steal all of your company. Be the pioneer in your field.

Quickly Get Started with WhatsApp Notifications

We’ve reduced the time required to get a company up and operating from weeks to just five minutes. Whether a company chooses to engage with a third-party solution provider or receives assistance directly from Facebook in the future, these enhancements will make it simpler for more medium and large companies to conduct customer interactions on WhatsApp.

Additional Business Information for WhatsApp Notifications

With the addition of additional companies to WhatsApp, we’re enhancing businesses’ ability to connect with their consumers. For example, companies were often restricted to delivering timely alerts, making follow-up with consumers impossible outside of a 24-hour timeframe.

As a result, we’ll now enable more kinds of WhatsApp Notifications — for example, notifying customers when an item returns to stock. Additionally, we’ve seen how monthly updates from health authorities on how they’re reacting to the pandemic have been beneficial, and we want to expand the scope of this kind of service to include other types of discussions.

WhatsApp Responds in Novel Ways

Additionally, we’re bringing out new messaging tools that will enable individuals to do business more efficiently. The new list messages provide a choice of up to ten alternatives, eliminating the need for users to write a response. Reply buttons will enable users to rapidly choose from up to three choices with a single touch, which businesses may configure in advance through their WhatsApp Business API account.

As is customary, individuals retain control of their conversations. Individuals must still initiate contact or request that a company contact them through WhatsApp. We’re also adding additional methods for consumers to provide more feedback about their experience if they have a cause to ban a company with these changes.

We want WhatsApp Notifications to be the most convenient and personal method for individuals and companies to communicate, and we’re thrilled about the new business messaging experiences we’re building.

With so many people still separated from loved ones and adapting to new ways of working, we want WhatsApp chats to seem as natural as possible, regardless of your location or the technology you’re using.

Answering on a larger screen facilitates collaboration with coworkers, allows you to see your family more clearly on a larger canvas, and frees up your hands to roam about the room while speaking.

To maximize the utility of desktop calling, we ensured that it works seamlessly in portrait and landscape orientations, appears in a resizable standalone window on your computer screen, and is always on top, ensuring that you never lose track of your video chats in a browser tab or stack of open windows.

WhatsApp’s voice and video calls are encrypted end-to-end, which means WhatsApp cannot hear or see them regardless of whether you call from your phone or computer. We’re beginning with one-to-one calls on the WhatsApp desktop app to provide a consistent and high-quality experience for you. We will be extending this functionality in the future to incorporate group voice and video conversations.

Additionally, we believe it is critical for consumers to understand how we are able to offer WhatsApp Notifications for free. Every day, millions of individuals initiate a WhatsApp conversation with a company because it is more convenient than making a phone call or sending an email.

We charge companies – not individuals – for customer support on WhatsApp. Certain retail capabilities integrate with Facebook, allowing companies to manage their inventory across several applications. We provide more information right inside WhatsApp so that users may decide whether or not to interact with companies.

We realize that some users may want to check out other applications during this period to see what they have to offer. We’ve seen some of our rivals attempt to hide their ability to read people’s communications – if an app does not have end-to-end encryption by default, they can access your messages.

Other applications claim to be superior since they have access to even less information than WhatsApp. We think that consumers want applications that are both dependable and secure, even if this needs WhatsApp to have some restricted data. We aim to make informed choices and will continue to explore innovative methods for fulfilling these obligations with less, not more, information.

Krishnaprasath Krishnamoorthy

Meet Krishnaprasath Krishnamoorthy, an SEO specialist with a passion for helping businesses improve their online visibility and reach.  From Technical, on-page, off-page, and Local SEO optimization to link building and beyond, I have expertise in all areas of SEO and I’m dedicated to providing actionable advice and results-driven strategies to help businesses achieve their goals. WhatsApp or call me on +94 775 696 867

Facebook Messenger Chat & Chatbots

Facebook Messenger Chat & Chatbots

How do you stay friendly and helpful to your customers, and increase sales at the same time? The key to never miss any sales is to be a casual and helpful friend, not a seller. Facebook is among the most popular social media that customers use, in fact, about 74% of shoppers are frequently active on Facebook. So why not leverage your Facebook fan page and make it the most friendly customer support channel ever? We at Digital Nomad Ventures a Digital Marketing Agency based in Colombo offer these services. 

Chat with customers on your store as Facebook friends

Your customers can use their own Facebook account to chat directly with you on the store via Messenger, without having to create a support ticket. After that, both you and your customer can follow up the conversation anytime, anywhere with Facebook messenger accounts.

Get closer to customers and engage them for more sales in the future ​

With Facebook Chat, you are chatting with their personal Facebook profiles, not just anonymous online accounts, so you can personalize your conversation for each of them. It’s never easier to get closer, build trust and establish the relationship with your customers like between real people, and what’s next, more sales are coming your way!

Why should I use Facebook Chat?

  • 1. On-site customer support.
  • 2. Super easy and simple to install, no coding required!
  • 3. Record all conversations in the Facebook inbox, follow up anytime and anywhere.
  • 4. View customers’ Facebook profiles and personalize messages.

What benefits my customers?

  • 1. Get personal and immediate support from store owners.
  • 2. Easily revisit conversation without creating a support ticket.
  • 3. Chat easily on mobile.

The logic is simple — A satisfied customer will return to make purchases. But even one unsatisfactory experience can hinder the customer’s return. We all know that it’s cost-effective to keep our existing customers rather than churning them out for new ones. So how can businesses increase customer satisfaction without breaking the bank?

Although customer satisfaction may seem like a product issue, it is driven by the nitty-gritty of customer experience. You want every experience (sales, marketing, and customer service) provided to the customer to meet or surpass their expectations. A crucial part of this expectation is delivered through communication channels like email, VoIP, and live chat.

But let’s get real, when your customer satisfaction scores are dropping, you’ll need to find an innovative way to bring them back up. And traditional channels have saturated their capabilities.

What’s more, with these channels, you’ll have to micro-manage every interaction to retain customers, and this could weigh heavily on your customer-facing teams. So why not consider a more modern approach that lets you achieve customer satisfaction and ensures that it sustains over time? Raising the bar with chatbots. A simple chatbot integration into your website can boost customer satisfaction instantly. 

And automate every customer touchpoint. This means the chatbot can carry a conversation with a customer no matter what they are getting in touch for. They turn customer grievances from monologues to dialogues, and a two-way discussion makes your customers feel heard. The chat widget pop-up as soon as the customer enters the website and is ready to offer assistance.

Much like a shop assistant asks whether they could help you with something at the store, the chatbot allows you to initiate a conversation with the customer proactively. While the core capability of chatbots is answering questions, providing an end-to-end experience for your customers through chatbots can lift customer satisfaction levels. 

Give customers the answers they are looking for 67% of customer churn is preventable if the customer’s issue is resolved at the first engagement. Integrating chatbots for customer service can drastically reduce customer churn. The fundamental capability of chatbots is to answer anything that your customer asks instantly. All you have to do is train your bot with the most common queries that you receive. From there, your bot learns continuously.

It learns from your knowledge base, from on-going conversations and previously raised tickets with your business. It even picks up on phrasing and syntax variations to give the customer a precise answer within seconds. So, you’ll never leave another customer waiting or unattended.  Additionally, chatbots can sense the frustration in customers based on their choice of words. In these cases, the chatbot immediately transfers the conversation to a human representative. It also diligently does the same when it can no longer provide relevant answers to the customer.

Turn their visit into a fulfilling experience

Chatbots are so easy to use that it magnifies the usability of your website. Usually, every click a customer makes reduces their chances of going through with the purchase. So, the fewer the clicks, the higher the chance of purchase. This is why Amazon’s ‘Buy-with-1-click’ is such a big success. Chatbots give customers the ability to accomplish their purpose with little-to-no clicks. Do your customers want to know more about your product? The bot sends them collateral. Do they want a demo of your product? The bot sets up a one-click scheduling calendar.

 Every process that was taking you days to complete, can be done within minutes with bots. Chatbots can also give your customers order details, it can complete payment processes and help with sharing engaging content (like blogs, webinars, and newsletters). Your chatbot can ensure that no customer leaves your website without taking action towards a sale.

Build relationships with them on a personal level

​If you are wondering whether bots make conversations less personal, we are here to make a case against it. A well-trained chatbot can be as personal as a human representative. The consistency and fail-proof automation make bots more reliable and customer-friendly. Chatbots can be fed customer information by integrating them with your CRM. And this information can then be used to initiate conversations when they return to your website. 

You can also track user activity within your website to understand what your customer is trying to achieve. Say, for example, you see a customer repeatedly visiting the pricing page over a couple of days. You can reach out to them with a triggered message and offer to give them more information or even a pricing discount. By reassuring the customer that they are important to the business, you will have gained their satisfaction.

Ask for feedback, always Nobody ever stays for that two-minute feedback message at the end of a toll-free call. But, chatbots collect feedback at the touch of a button. After every interaction, chatbots ask whether the customer was able to get the answer they were looking for. It may seem like the chatbot is fishing for compliments (trust us, it’s not!); it is letting you know whether the customer was satisfied with the answer they were given.

  • Unanswered: The questions for which the bot couldn’t respond will be labelled as ‘unanswered’. It’s an indication that there’s no content around these questions in the Answers page.
  • Improve coverage: The questions for which five different variants are not added will be labelled as ‘improve coverage’. It’s an indication to add the other ways customers can ask the same question so that the bot can deliver precise answers no matter what.
  • Underperforming: Articles and FAQs, which are downvoted five or more times, will be labelled as ‘underperforming’. It’s an indication that the article content isn’t helpful and needs to be changed.

Meeting the requirements of the chatbots continuously can ensure that you are providing the customer with the best possible answers.

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Krishnaprasath Krishnamoorthy

Meet Krishnaprasath Krishnamoorthy, an SEO specialist with a passion for helping businesses improve their online visibility and reach.  From Technical, on-page, off-page, and Local SEO optimization to link building and beyond, I have expertise in all areas of SEO and I’m dedicated to providing actionable advice and results-driven strategies to help businesses achieve their goals. WhatsApp or call me on +94 775 696 867