LinkedIn participation is increasing as individuals contemplate their next career move and companies seek expert guidance to guide their strategy. As a result, Why not create a LinkedIn Service Page? Let us look at the importance of creating a LinkedIn Service Page.

The network has 774 million members, with three new users joining up every second, and it has reported ‘record levels of interaction’ for five consecutive quarters, highlighting this unique potential to connect with your audience on LinkedIn.

Additionally, it opens up new possibilities for freelancers to connect with relevant opportunities – provided they do it correctly and take use of LinkedIn’s different capabilities to assist guarantee their presence shines out and they connect in the most effective manner.

Fortunately, LinkedIn has introduced a few tools to aid you with this process – here is a look at three of the most recent LinkedIn features that may help you improve your platform performance.

Joining LinkedIn as a service provider allows you to promote your services both via your profile’s network and on your own. Complete your profile’s Service Provider card to ensure that your services are displayed and that more prospective consumers may contact and connect with you. This option enables people to ask inquiries about your company more easily since they may contact you for free by sending a message.

Furthermore, by listing your services on LinkedIn, you become a member of the LinkedIn Marketplace, and your name will show when others search for certain services using the search box. This increases your chances of being found, so don’t be afraid to use this function.

LinkedIn Services Page

LinkedIn first introduced Services listings to freelancer profiles in 2019, but the company has modified the display choices to make them even more useful.

As you can see, the revised Services page style puts a stronger emphasis on the services provided and includes a new ‘Reviews’ option for displaying client testimonials.

Your LinkedIn Services listing can help you promote your business and connect with potential clients – all for free.

A Service page is dedicated to services:

  • Connects you to LinkedIn users who are actively seeking your services.
  • Allows prospective customers to contact you for free, regardless of whether you are linked.
  • Allows you to accept business enquiries from users of LinkedIn who are not in your network.
  • Assists you in being discovered through LinkedIn’s service searches.
  • Tips for optimizing your complimentary LinkedIn Service Page:
  • Select up to ten services.
  • Complete the ‘About’ area to inform prospective customers about your services (you can use up to 500 characters).
  • You may provide your current work location, as well as the option “I am available to work remotely,” when you add a new work location.
  • Once you’ve created your LinkedIn Service Page, publish it as a post or in a message to inform your network that you’re #OpenForBusiness.

LinkedIn Reviews of Service Pages

As previously stated, LinkedIn has introduced a new ‘Evaluations’ area to its Services page choices, allowing you to highlight favorable customer reviews as another method to advertise your services.

You may ask previous customers to provide evaluations for your services, with LinkedIn initially providing 20 credits for the process (this will ensure people are not inundated with review requests on the platform).

How to increase the number of reviews on your LinkedIn service page:

  • As previously stated, you may ask up to twenty customers to evaluate your services.
  • You may cancel a ‘invite to review’ that has been issued and get credit, allowing you to invite another customer instead.
  • To manage your review invites, visit the ‘Service Page Reviews Status’ page. Additionally, you may contact them to remind them about the review request, or, as previously said, you can remove the invitation.

LinkedIn Video Conferences

LinkedIn just introduced a new native video conference option, allowing you to initiate a video chat directly from your LinkedIn messaging threads.

This tool enables you to quickly conduct face-to-face video meetings with prospective customers, which aids in the development of connection and trust.

How to get the most out of native LinkedIn video meetings:

  • At the moment, native LinkedIn video meetings allow for one-on-one video conversations. LinkedIn is currently in the process of adding the option to conduct group video meetings.
  • Send an immediate meeting link or reschedule the meeting.
  • For group video meetings, you may use any of the LinkedIn-supported video meeting providers, such as MS Teams or Zoom.

There are new features being added to LinkedIn all the time, and the most recent improvements to both its Service Pages and video capabilities may offer you with new opportunities to strengthen connections and raise awareness with prospective customers.

If you want to optimize your chances, it’s important using these tools and taking use of LinkedIn’s newest offers for showcasing your talents and experience.

How to setup the LinkedIn Service page

It is possible that the services listed on your Service Page will appear on the feeds of your network as well as on your own feed. Additionally, they will be discoverable through LinkedIn search by people who are and are not in your network, depending on the visibility of your public profile and the terms they search for (of course).

If you activate this option, anybody on LinkedIn may contact you for free about your services, which may open some more doors to prospective customers for you.

You may easily add a service page to your profile by following these simple steps. To begin, go to your home page and click the Open button. Before selecting Continue, choose Providing Services and then study How it works.

You’ll next need to complete the necessary information, which includes the services you offer, your work location, customer demands, and visibility (we suggest selecting any option on this page!).

You may choose up to ten services from a list. Once all necessary information has been entered, click Next, preview the information, and then Publish.

Users may then search for your services on LinkedIn by entering keywords in the Search Bar, providing you with another chance to be discovered.

Why Create A LinkedIn Service Page for your Business?

Boosts Visibility

There is no reason why a business would not want to be a member of this vast network.

Your firm will reach a staggering 55 million businesses through the LinkedIn Service Page. For instance, if you offer business-to-business (B2B) services such as software development. You establish a LinkedIn service page and include “software development” in the service offering area. When other businesses do searches for software developers, you will be one of the results.

Growth Indicator

In the last several years, social media platforms have significantly aided the expansion of companies. LinkedIn is another one of such sites. As a business-to-business service supplier, you must attract prospective clients who are decision makers inside their respective organizations. To do this, you’ll need effective sales tactics to achieve your sales goals.

Obtaining clients through LinkedIn enables you to track the quantity of qualified leads and, as a result, calculate a conversion rate. In this manner, LinkedIn assists you in acquiring more customers than any other site. In such scenario, you may concentrate your time and effort to developing a strong LinkedIn presence rather than other tools and platforms.

A Source of Leads

Consider LinkedIn’s Service Page to be a virtual marketplace. Sellers attend to promote their products or services. They are purchased by buyers. You may immediately search and prospect clients through the service page. It provides an in-depth analysis of the various businesses available and what they most urgently need.

If you advertise your firm in this manner, you may offer smart business solutions to your customers. If you’re looking to sell or buy a service, LinkedIn is a great place to start. In HubSpot’s research, LinkedIn leads three times as many people than Facebook and Twitter. Why not create a LinkedIn Service Page? I hope I have answered this question to the best of my knowledge.

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