Facebook is taking the next phase in its expanding its eCommerce strategy with the launch of a new “Online Shopping Fridays” series in partnership with select retailers with Live Stream Shopping. The series will feature live-streamed shopping interactions that will enable users to pose questions regarding items and make transactions in-stream. This could be the new live stream shopping app.

Beginning this week and continuing every Friday through July 16, shoppable live videos from beauty and fashion brands will be accessible. This enables consumers to explore the newest items from their favorite labels and to pose real-time questions regarding size, fit, and tips. And for brands, Live Shopping is an opportunity to engage with consumers, deliver fresh engaging material, address queries, and streamline the buying process with Shops.

Abercrombie & Fitch, Clinique, and Sephora are among the labels participating, many of which will have specialists to address audience queries in real time while they highlight their new offers. As for retailers this could become the primetime shopping live stream service.

It’s a reasonably straightforward, entertaining method of encouraging shopping activity, with the ability to directly address questions offering another outlet for expanded connection and the FOMO aspect with live-streamed events likely to result in further sales as the event progresses.

The initiative is almost identical to the live stream shopping broadcasts that TikTok has already conducted with Walmart and plans to continue doing in the future. For retailers they can fine tune there Facebook ads to get better productivity. Furthermore, the Facebook pixel will be put to good use for analytical tracking.

Again, the addition of real-time interaction expands the potential for connection and product insight, which would undoubtedly result in increased investment. And with Facebook attempting to change consumer perception to render in-stream shopping more habitual, live stream shopping is an ideal medium for promoting the engagement, which may be critical in the company’s next move.

Facebook is continuing to focus on expanding Facebook and Instagram Shops around the globe and completely integrating Facebook Pay to streamline the in-stream buying phase. However, Facebook’s ultimate goal is to have as much of its articles shoppable as possible in order to integrate further eCommerce processes into its applications and make them a critical component of product discovery.

This could help companies, consumers, and Facebook itself especially with there Facebook events in relation to there shopping.

For brands, Facebook’s scope is unparalleled, with 2.85 billion daily active users on the main app alone, and the platform’s introduction of in-stream buying tools could position it as a critical tool for customer connection, particularly as emphasis on eCommerce continues to grow. For consumers, this would increase product acquisition by the their ability to transition from seeing a product in a post to buying it, thus altering their app purchasing habits.

And although Facebook benefits from expanded consumer engagement, it will soon take a share of all transactions, adding another dimension to its wider market drive with

And although Facebook benefits from expanded consumer engagement, it will soon take a share of all transactions, adding another dimension to its wider market drive with Facebook insights.

Live-stream shopping is another component of this method, and it would be important to see how these early versions of the broadcasts do in terms of interaction. And this can create new Facebook jobs for Digital Marketers.

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