Digital Marketing News Updates March 1st week 2022

Digital Marketing News Updates March 1st week 2022


Twitter is now experimenting with a fact-checking program: Twitter is currently upgrading new capabilities to its Birdwatch program, which will allow users to add comments to Tweets that they believe are deceptive in order to prevent the spread of misinformation.

Twitter is experimenting with the search button at the top of the main feed: The microblogging site is now testing the feature for iOS devices, and it is experimenting with two different variants of this choice the presence of a search bar above the main timeline. Search (magnifying glass) symbol located in the upper right corner of the main feed, adjacent to the timeline settings, is a second edition.

Google My Business

Google My Business listing now includes a verified by phone call function, according to the company. As part of its ongoing effort to verify that contact information on Google My Business listings is up to date, Google will now check and display whether or not the phone number given is current. Google will add the words Confirmed by phone and the date and time of the confirmation next to the phone number.

Google has begun experimenting with a different location for the search bar

Filters and choices: Google is experimenting with several locations for its search bar options and filters, with the right-hand side of the search box now being examined.


Currently, Instagram is testing the ability to show a “Status” on profiles: As soon as you choose a status, it will be shown on both your Instagram profile and in your Direct Messages section.

TikTok has confirmed that 10-minute video uploads will be available soon

It appears that short-form video interaction is here to stay, especially among younger demographics, as attention spans continue to shrink and new engagement behaviors take hold. As a result, every platform is now following TikTok’s lead into the next phase of video connection, which is a good thing.

Channel Analytics Options on YouTube are being previewed

A new set of analytics tools that YouTube is presently developing and that it may explore in the future are being announced as part of the company’s larger push to assist artists to enhance their on-platform performance.

YouTube has been focusing more on monetization recently as it attempts to fend off competition from TikTok. This is because, while TikTok is the most popular app right now, it does not currently offer comparable monetization processes, which means that creators, particularly big stars, can make significantly more money by posting to YouTube instead.

YouTube hopes that by emphasizing this and offering more analytics tools to its users, more of them will ultimately place more emphasis on its app, and as a consequence, more of them will move away from TikTok, which might help it keep its position as the leading video platform on the web.

What are the top strategies for growing your Instagram account?

What are the top strategies for growing your Instagram account?

If you do things the right way, organic traffic is feasible and can be huge for you. If you want to connect with your consumers, develop an audience, and infuse your brand with personality, you need to get in. What are the top strategies I used for growing my Instagram account? It’s available for the taking.

If you want to expand your Instagram account and get more followers, you must have a solid plan in place first. Instagram must be used intelligently in order to do this. You should publish original material on a continuous basis, using the appropriate hashtags. You will be able to expand your online presence and increase your Instagram following in this manner.

Following these Instagram growth strategies–such as providing a diverse range of content and developing connections with customers–will provide consistent results that will help you resist algorithm adjustments far better than accounts that depend on spamming approaches. Check-in on your Instagram statistics as you use these methods to observe how your account is doing.

One of the most effective methods of developing your Instagram account organically is to communicate with your followers on a regular basis. As part of this, you should take the time to make comments on followers’ posts, respond to inquiries, and share user-generated material.

Sharing user-generated content may assist you in growing your Instagram following by allowing you to reach new audiences. What is the best way to do this? In order to promote your branded hashtag on Instagram, you need to create a hashtag campaign for users. Then choose the articles you wish to promote on your feed and provide proper credit to the writers.

The following are the top strategies to use Instagram to build your business:

Establish a strong brand identity and produce content that your consumers like

My readers like my no-nonsense style and practical ideas peppered with personal stories.

My Instagram feed exemplifies this to a tee.

I maintain a consistent mix of business advice, inspiring quotations, and personal antics that is well-received by my tribe.

It is entirely up to you to choose what your consumers want to view. Are there recurring themes or styles? Once you’ve determined what works, fill your account with relevant pictures, quotations, and promos.

Another method to ascertain what your consumers are searching for is to peruse the content posted by your competitors. If you want to get a jump on the competition, check out famous blogs and websites in your niche.

Always keep in mind that interaction is king. Work hard to get the Instagram Algorithm to work for you.

Share pictures that capture people’s attention and encourage them to share.

How to engage an audience in an active manner.

The trick is to strike a balance between design and value.

As they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” so be sure you’re speaking the correct ones!!

I like to make all of my articles using applications like Grammarly and Canva Pro. There is no need for costly designers; these tools will make your work seem totally professional at no expense and they are very easy to use.

Make compelling calls to action (in your bio, images, and comments).

Numerous businesses have begun to post on Instagram. Regrettably for them, they never advise others on what to do or where to go!

The bio area of your profile may be effectively used by including a strong “call to action” that leads visitors to your sales page or landing page. With up to 150 characters, an engaging, snappy CTA is optimal.

For me, I send visitors to my home page, where they can join up for a free mini-course on how to earn more money with existing abilities.

If your company offers tangible items, photographing what you sell is a no-brainer. However, utilizing the comments area to instruct others what to do is less apparent! Mention it if you’re selling the item on your website! And point them in the right direction!

Make no attempt to avoid appearing redundant. It is the internet; thus, you must spell it out.

Additionally, keep in mind that you do not always have to push to sell. “Preparing” your audience is a long-term sales approach. Have some fun; it will pay off!

Constantly update your profile.

When it comes to Instagram, loudness is everything.

Although the business has not published data to corroborate or refute this, my experience indicates that it certainly favors users with a higher frequency of posting.

When I initially began, I posted between 5 and 10 times each day, with an average of approximately two hours between each post.

Utilize #Hashtags!

Hashtags may be very effective at increasing awareness of your activities.

Consider them a “search” tool that assists viewers in locating subjects and ideas of interest.

Thus, how do you use them?

Before you publish a picture, create a caption for it. Then, after you’ve published it, go to the comments area and paste #hashtags that you’ve ingeniously stored on your phone.

By using hashtags in your photos, you may increase the likelihood that your work will be discovered by individuals who do not currently follow you. As mentioned before, Instagram allows users a maximum of 30 hashtags per post.

Pro tip: Invest some time researching the most popular hashtags in your industry and then save them in ‘Notes’ for iPhone users. After there, it’s a simple matter of copying and pasting into Instagram.

Share for share

Share for share is a strategy in which you share and promote the work of other partners on your page.

Consider other people in your space who have accounts of comparable (or slightly bigger) size.

Begin by reposting their pictures and include their names in the image, and as the number of your followers grows, they will begin to reciprocate by doing the same for you

It’s very beneficial to have other accounts share your material. Creating a team of partners that promote one another’s work is an excellent way to increase visibility, brand recognition, and authority.

Use an Instagram theme that has an attractive aesthetic

The first stage in the process of developing your Instagram page is this. When someone visits your Instagram profile, the first thing they will notice is your Instagram style. Consistently using the same colors and theme across your feed may often be the determining factor in whether someone follows you or not.

You’ve seen pages that contain postings like selfies, infographics, and videos of animals, but you’re still clueless about what’s going on. How many of those pages did you really read? Probably not a great deal. Having a beautiful Instagram theme is one of the simplest things you can do today to improve your Instagram page’s overall social proof.

Just by looking at the site, you can see that our theme is uncomplicated. We utilize just three colors and always use the same backdrop. We have quotations from successful people in the center of our feed, and basic business information on the side.

Maintain A Regular Posting Schedule

Having a constant stream of posts is what Instagram promotes, and it’s no secret. The question is, “How consistent is this?” At the very least, if you’re serious about rapidly growing your Instagram account, you should be posting at least once each day.

It becomes increasingly critical as your following grows, but in the early stages when you have less than 1,000 followers, you should never skip a day of publishing.

If you’re running an Instagram theme page or a personal profile page, the rules will be different. If this is a personal account, you may send it as little as three times a week. However, if you are an Instagram theme page, for example, if you upload videos of adorable kittens, you should never skip a day.

If you publish on a regular basis, you increase your chances of having one or more of your posts become popular with the public. By viral, we mean that it will appear on either the Instagram Explore page or the Instagram Top page.

The explore page is located beside the search feature. The Hashtag Top page displays some of the most popular postings that include that hashtag. Take a look at our graphic representations of each.

Is It Important When I Post?

Previously, it didn’t matter what time you posted on Instagram. That’s because Instagram is used to display your posts chronologically to your followers.

Although, recently, Instagram has made the process of showing followers’ posts different. They no longer display posts to followers in chronological order. The sequence in which pictures appear on someone’s feed is determined by their probability of being interested in the material.

Instagram determines user interest via an analysis of the user’s current connection with the Instagram account. If someone regularly comments, likes, and visits your profile, Instagram will display them your post regardless of whether it was made 10 minutes ago or 10 hours ago.

People won’t get engaged with your social media account if you don’t interact with your followers. We will discuss how to do this later in this article. However, keep in mind that the key to someone noticing your post is their level of engagement with your profile.

Maintain An Instagram Story At All Times

In order to maintain your legitimacy as a prospective Instagram follower, you must have the red circle around your Instagram logo. The red circle around your Instagram logo shows that you are currently engaged in an Instagram story. When someone visits your Instagram profile for the first time, they cannot view your most recent post.

They would need to enlarge an image to see this. The red symbol above your logo indicates to a prospective follower that you have been active on the site for at least the last 24 hours. You would not have been allowed to post a story if you were not.

Utilizing Instagram Interactive Stickers to Accelerate Growth

To some success, we discovered utilizing Instagram’s interactive stickers has worked nicely. If you’ve ever come across a poll, quiz, or narrative that includes the phrase “ask me questions,” you’ve encountered an interactive sticker. Instagram added these features to encourage users to interact with their followers.

According to many videos and blog articles, the greatest method to boost engagement is to comment on and like your followers’ posts. While this is an effective approach, it is also very time intensive. Rather than responding to your followers’ posts, let them to engage with you.

Utilize Follow for Follow to Rapidly Increase Your Instagram Followers

This approach is fraught with controversy. According to others, this approach fails since users do not follow you back or interact with your account. The problem is not that this approach does not work, but that the majority of individuals implement it incorrectly.

A tactic to help you get more followers were presented by using the ‘follow for following’ approach. According to the idea, the more people you follow, the more probable it is that some of them will follow you back. The more people that follow you back, the more likes and comments you may get, which helps you quickly build your Instagram account.

The problem with this approach is that people tend to simply blindly follow everyone and everything. This is the incorrect approach. If you’re going to utilize the follow-for-follow approach, you’ll want to ensure that you’re following individuals who have previously interacted with comparable content to yours.

Assume you have an Instagram account dedicated to the fitness niche. Identify someone else in your field who has a comparable or somewhat larger following than you.

The best thing you can do to acquire your first thousand followers is to utilize the following approach. Before you reach 1,000 followers, Instagram typically allows you to follow between 200 and 400 individuals each day. Assuming about 10% of people follow you back, you should be able to get 1,000 followers within two months.

Make the largest accounts in your niche the first to provide positive feedback for you.

A remark with several hundred likes appears on a large account in your specialty all the time. Not by a superstar, but by a commoner. Typically, you’ll notice comments with a large number of likes on a post if they’re the initial remark on that post.

A very early comment is proof to those who visit the comment area of a post that there are people reading it. If the remark is excellent and significant, it will often get a large number of likes. These likes are often worthless since they do not contribute to the rapid growth of your Instagram account. However, it provides an ideal chance to connect with those who have previously engaged with you.

The initial remark on famous Instagram accounts gets a lot of attention and popularity, so after you gain a significant number of likes on that comment, you may go in and follow the people who liked your comment. This increases the likelihood that they will return the favor.

How can you become the first person to remark on a big number of accounts? I hope this answers the What are the top strategies I used for growing my Instagram account? And you found some useful tips which I used to grow my Instagram account.

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission. Which helps me support the channel to make quality content and recommend products for you.

Useful Digital Marketing Tools

Useful Digital Marketing Tools

Here’s a list of digital marketing tools that you should be using if you wanna succeed in the digital world:

1) GetResponse: This is an email marketing tool that I recommend for anyone who’s looking for advanced email marketing features. One of the cheapest and best in the market. Get 30 Days Free trial without a Credit Card!

2) BlueHost One of the most viable Web Hosting Service Providers out there. Their hosting plans are flexible and suited to businesses both big and small. Their array of features and perks are among the best money can buy right now. You get free SSL certificate for one year too, oh and yeah a domain comes free if you buy their yearly hosting plan!

​3) Flick – Flick is an extraordinary Instagram hashtag tool that can be a game-changer for your Instagram engagement rates. It even comes with a 7-day free trial! This is my favourite one, it helps you grow followers on Instagram in no time!

4) TapLink – The only link integrator you’ll need to bring your business in the spotlight on Instagram. It’s easy to set up and it consolidates all your links and landing pages under one convenient tap link! If you have seen the link on my Instagram bio, then this is the tool I use. ​

5) Iconosquare – Iconosquare offers an all-in-one analytics hub for your businesses online. Get advanced metrics and statistics to accurately gauge your online presence and influence. This is the tool I use to know when my audience is most active on Instagram and I also keep a close look at my competitors! Also, I schedule all my posts and stories through this!

6) Landing Page(ClickFunnels) – From start to finish in your sales funnel, ClickFunnels is the tool you want. It helps you create compelling landing pages without requiring technical knowledge. Aside from this, you also get plenty of perks on email marketing and funnel management!

7) Automation Tool ( Pabbly ) – Pabbly is a productivity suite that is a must-have on every budding digital marketer’s kit. It offers an array of services such as subscription billing automation, form creation and more at extremely flexible prices! Check out their offer! This is the best Zapier Alternative and it will save you tons of money!

8) BlueYeti Microphone – One of the most trusty sound recording devices for content creation out there. It connects seamlessly to your system via USB Port and provides crystal clear recordings! It has 4 modes, this is perfect for Podcasters, YouTubers, Course creators!

9) Samson Mic – Samson has long been known as a reliable bet when it comes to sound recording. Musicians and YouTubers alike revere its ease of use and digital integration. This is my personal Favourite Mic, it’s so handy and small! Way compact than BlueYeti described above.

10) DigiTekLights – Give your video content a professional touch with picture-perfect lighting. DigiTek lights let you set up the scene as you please and are hassle-free to use.

11) Canva Pro – Bring out the designer in you with ease thanks to Canva’s pristine design templates! Their design library is ever-growing and offers a diverse set of choices, especially for Pro members! Get FREE 30 Days Trial! This post contains affiliate links, from which I might get a small commission from qualifying sales.

We at Digital Nomad Ventures, a Digital Marketing Agency in Colombo are offering various digital marketing tools for our customers. Always use a professional social media platform like LinkedIn to scale up your business.

DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission. Which helps me support the channel to make quality content and recommend products for you.

What Digital Marketing is all about?

What Digital Marketing is all about?

What is digital marketing and how does it work?

Digital marketing refers to any marketing activities that are carried out via the use of the internet. Businesses use digital channels to communicate with existing and potential consumers, such as search engines, social media, email, and other websites, to name a few examples. So, What Digital Marketing is all about? Is this it, no way there is a lot more, keep reading.

Do your prospect research on the prospects who are most likely to buy your goods or service.

There is very little control over who sees your advertising whether it is broadcast on television, published in a magazine, or shown on a billboard. It’s true that some demographics may be measured such as the average readership of a magazine or the demography of a certain area but it’s still mainly a guessing game.

While traditional marketing methods require you to identify and target a broad range of people, digital marketing enables you to deliver customized, high-converting marketing messages to a narrow range of people.

Additionally, you might use targeting capabilities like those found on social media to provide advertisements to a particular audience based on age, gender, geography, hobbies, networks, or behaviors.

As an alternative, you might use PPC or SEO tactics to target people who have shown an interest in your product or service or who have searched for particular keywords related to your business and have demonstrated a willingness to purchase.

Finally, digital marketing allows you to perform the research required to determine your buyer persona, as well as to improve your marketing approach over time to guarantee that you are targeting prospects who are most likely to purchase your products or services.

Above all, digital marketing makes it possible to target specific demographic segments within a broader target population. The fact that you may offer various goods or services to distinct customer personas is particularly advantageous..

Because it is less expensive than conventional marketing techniques, it is increasingly widely used.

Using digital marketing, you can monitor campaigns everyday and see which channel isn’t proving to be worthwhile and should be cut from your budget. Traditional means of advertising, on the other hand, cannot be claimed to be effective. It makes no difference how well your billboard performs; the cost remains the same regardless of whether or not it converts for you.

Furthermore, with digital marketing, you have full control over how and where your money is spent. If you prefer not to spend money on PPC ads, you could instead invest in design tools to produce Instagram content that is very effective at converting visitors.

A digital marketing plan enables you to pivot on the fly, ensuring that you never waste money on channels that aren’t doing as well as you would have liked.

The majority of the time, digital marketing is a more cost-effective option, and it offers you unique possibilities to guarantee that you are getting the most bang for your marketing dollar.

You may outrank larger companies in your sector by using digital marketing strategies.

Even if you work for a small company, it is probable that you will have a tough time competing with the big companies in your sector, many of which have millions of dollars to spend on television advertisements and national advertising campaigns. There are many chances to outrank the large companies via smart digital marketing efforts, which is fortunate.

For example, you could select a number of long-tail keywords that are relevant to your product or service and then produce high-quality content to assist you rank higher in search engines for those keywords, as described above. Search engines aren’t concerned with whatever brand is the most popular; instead, they favor information that connects most strongly with the target demographic.

Furthermore, social media allows you to reach new audiences via the use of influencer marketing campaigns. When it comes to social media, I don’t personally follow any large companies, but I do follow influencers who will sometimes highlight goods or services they enjoy. If you work for a small- to medium-sized business, this might be a nice route to explore.

Digital marketing can be tracked and measured.

Analytics data provides a holistic picture of all of the important indicators, from the number of impressions, shares, views, clicks, and time on page. This is one of the most significant advantages of digital marketing. While conventional advertising may be effective for some objectives, its greatest drawback is its inability to be measured.

Marketing professionals may observe accurate outcomes in real time when using digital marketing techniques, as opposed to the majority of offline marketing efforts. If you’ve ever placed an advertising in a newspaper.

You’ll understand how tough it can be to determine how many people really turned to that page and paid attention to your ad when it first appeared. There’s no way to tell for certain whether or not the advertisement was responsible for any sales at all.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, allows you to track the return on investment (ROI) of almost every element of your marketing activities.

What does a company’s definition of digital marketing look like?

When it comes to digital marketing, the use of various digital strategies and channels to interact with consumers where they spend the majority of their time is described as “online marketing.” Digital marketing includes a wide range of techniques, ranging from the creation of a website to the management of a company’s online branding assets (such as digital advertising, email marketing, online brochures, and more).

The most effective digital marketers have a clear understanding of how each digital marketing campaign contributes to the achievement of their overall objectives. Additionally, depending on the objectives of their marketing plan, marketers may support a broader campaign via the free and paid channels that are available to them.

To increase interest in a new book your company just produced, a content marketer may use a blog series as a content marketing strategy. The company’s social media marketer may then assist in promoting these blog articles on the company’s social media accounts, both via sponsored and organic postings on those accounts.

Perhaps the email marketer launches an email campaign to provide more information about the business to people who have downloaded the ebook. In a moment, we’ll go into the specifics of these digital marketers in more detail.

Is digital marketing effective for all types of businesses?

Digital marketing may be effective for every kind of company in any sector. Regardless of what your business offers, digital marketing requires the development of buyer personas to determine the requirements of your target audience, as well as the creation of useful online content. That is not to suggest, however, that all companies should execute a digital marketing plan in the same manner as well.

Digital Marketing for B2B Companies

If your firm is in the business-to-business (B2B) sector, your digital marketing efforts are likely to be focused on online lead generation, with the ultimate aim of getting someone to talk with a salesperson on the phone. The purpose of your marketing plan is to acquire and convert the best quality leads for your salespeople. This is accomplished via the use of your website and other digital platforms.

Beyond your website, you’ll most likely prefer to concentrate your efforts on business-oriented platforms like LinkedIn, where your target audience spends the majority of their time online. Linkedin’s business profile is a great place to get noticed and create credibility.

B2C Digital Marketing is the marketing of products and services to consumers.

According to the price range of your goods, if your firm is a business-to-consumer (B2C), the aim of your digital marketing activities is most likely to attract visitors to your website and convert them into customers without the need to interact with a salesperson.

Therefore, you’re less likely to be concerned with generating leads in the conventional sense, and more likely to be concerned with creating an expedited buyer’s journey, from the time someone visits your website to the moment they make a purchase.

This will frequently mean that your product is featured in your content earlier in the marketing funnel than it would be for a B2B company, and you will likely need to employ stronger calls-to-action as a result of this (CTAs).

Instagram and Pinterest, for example, may be more useful for B2C businesses than business-focused networks such as LinkedIn in many instances.

A large geographic footprint

It doesn’t matter where you are when you publish an advertisement online; anyone may view it regardless of their location (assuming you haven’t restricted your advertisement to a certain geographic area). This simplifies the process of expanding your business’s market reach.

Cost effectiveness

It is less expensive to use digital marketing than conventional marketing since it reaches a larger number of people. The overhead expenses associated with newspaper advertisements, television commercials, and other conventional marketing possibilities may be substantial. Additionally, they offer you less control over whether your target audiences receive those communications at all.

When it comes to digital marketing, you only need to produce one piece of content that attracts readers to your blog for as long as it is active. You may build an email marketing campaign that automatically sends messages to specific consumer lists, and you can easily modify the timetable or the content if necessary.

After taking everything into consideration, digital marketing provides much more flexibility and consumer interaction for your advertising budget.

Quantifiable outcomes

To determine if your marketing plan is effective, you must determine how many consumers it attracts and how much money it generates. However, how can one do this with a non-digital marketing strategy?

There is always the conventional method of inquiring how each client found us.

Regrettably, this does not apply to all sectors. Many businesses do not have the opportunity to speak with their consumers one-on-one, and surveys do not always provide accurate findings.

The process of tracking marketing outcomes is straightforward with digital marketing. Digital marketing tools and platforms keep track of your targeted conversions automatically, whether they be email open rates, home page views, or direct sales.

Personalization made simpler

Customers’ data may be collected in a manner that is not possible with traditional marketing methods. Digitally acquired data is often considerably more accurate and detailed.

Consider that you provide financial services and want to make unique offers to those who have seen your goods. You’re aware that you’ll get greater results if you tailor the offer to the individual’s interests, and so you decide to create two campaigns.

The first is for young families who have looked at your life insurance products, and the second is for millennial entrepreneurs who have looked at your retirement plans.

Without automatic tracking, how are you going to collect all of that data? How many telephone records would you need to search? How many client profiles do you have? And how do you determine who read or did not read the booklet you distributed?
All of this information is currently at your fingers with digital marketing.

Increased customer interaction

You may interact with your consumers in real time if you use digital marketing techniques. Significantly, it enables them to communicate with you.

Take a moment to consider your social media approach. It’s wonderful when your target audience views your most recent article, but even better when they comment or share it. This results in greater talk around your product or service, as well as improved exposure with each new participant.

Additionally, your consumers will gain from interactivity with you. As people become active players in your brand’s narrative, their degree of engagement rises. This feeling of ownership may foster a strong bond with the brand.

Conversions that are simple and easy

Your consumers may take quick action after seeing your advertisement or content thanks to digital marketing. The most immediate outcome you can expect for with conventional advertising is a phone call soon after someone sees your advertisement.

However, how frequently does someone have time to contact a business while washing the dishes, traveling down the interstate, or updating work records?

They may click a link or bookmark a blog article and immediately progress up the sales funnel using digital marketing. They may not instantly make a purchase, but they will remain linked to you and allow you to engage with them further.

What Digital Marketing is all about? The subject of Digital Marketing is a universe on its own. New methods and concepts come up every day. You have to keep learning and keep yourself updated.

What are the Trending Digital Marketing Updates?

What are the Trending Digital Marketing Updates?

Instagram extends the duration of Reels to 60 seconds!

Instagram increased the length of Reels for users from 30 seconds to 60 seconds in a recent update. For quite some time, the company has been testing with lengthier Reels. Last September, what began as a 15-second video format was expanded to 30 seconds. This is one of the exciting Digital Marketing Updates.

Given that TikTok now allows films up to three minutes in length and YouTube’s Shorts now accepts videos up to 60 seconds in length, it’s only natural that Instagram raised the duration restriction for Reels to keep up with the trend.

However, because the platform already allows for the creation of videos in other formats – 1-minute videos on feed, 1-plus-minute videos on IGTV, and the standard 15-second Stories – the 60-second Reels only expands the opportunities for creators to innovate and distribute their content in a variety of formats.

Instagram is experimenting with a vertical content stream akin to TikTok for the Explore section.

Instagram’s clone, Reels, has been openly vying for TikTok’s popularity. Having said that, Alessandro Paluzzi, an App Researcher, has noticed that the platform is developing a vertical feed layout for the explore area akin to TikTok. Once inside, you’ll be able to swipe through Instagram’s recommended content and numerous picture postings.

He adds that although the explore section would stay same, while within a post, the view will resemble a full-screen, Reel-style presentation. You may either press the back arrow to return to Browse or swipe through to the section’s content.

WhatsApp introduces a new ‘Archive’ feature that enables users to permanently hide obnoxious group conversations.

WhatsApp has introduced a new Archive feature that allows users to permanently silence and conceal loud or highly active groups. Naturally, you may return to the Archived folder and browse through the conversations.

According to the announcement made by WhatsApp. ‘Archive on WhatsApp enables you to manage and prioritize your private communications. Your archived conversations will stay archived and muted for the time being, but you may always restore them!’

Subscribers have always been able to store and mute conversations, but the new feature is that they will no longer get alerts when such chats receive new messages, thus concealing them from the chat listing. Only users have the ability to undo the ‘archive option’ and revert to the conversation view.

Instagram introduces additional privacy features and limitations on ad targeting in order to safeguard its younger users

Instagram has made a concerted effort to safeguard underage users from unwarranted on-platform harassment/abuse and access to inappropriate material. To make this more successful, Instagram is considering making ‘secret account’ the default setting for users under the age of 16/18.

As Instagram explains, “We aim to prevent young people from hearing from adults they don’t know or don’t want to hear from in any way possible. Private accounts, we think, are the best method to avoid this. As of this week, anybody under the age of 16 (or under the age of 18 in some countries) who joins Instagram will be automatically assigned a private account.”

Additionally, the platform is enforcing limits on ad targeting. According to Instagram, marketers will be able to target individuals under the age of 18 based on their age, gender, and geography. As a result, marketers will lose access to previously available alternatives such as interests and activity on other websites.

Facebook introduces the ‘Campaign Ideas Generator’ to assist companies with promotional efforts.

Facebook has introduced a new Campaign Ideas Generator, a mini-site designed to inspire and assist you in developing amazing campaign and promotion ideas. The generator offers a variety of insights, suggestions, and templates tailored to certain holiday events and company kinds.

This may seem like a cut-and-paste solution, but the ideation process requires you to explore and develop ideas independently. However, this generator offers useful hints and instructions. You may enter the site, choose your company type, and begin the process of idea creation. After doing so, three tabs will appear: Campaign Ideas, Data and Insights, and Resources.

While Campaign Ideas serve as a jumping-off point for your ideation process, Data and Insights offer data points for the criteria you’ve selected. The Resources category has case studies and papers that may assist you in honing your approach with Digital Marketing Updates.

As part of its e-Commerce drive, Twitter is testing a new ‘Shop Module’ on company accounts.

Twitter began testing Professional Profiles in April. To promote its on-platform e-Commerce efforts, the microblogging site is now testing out a new ‘Shop Module’ on company profiles with a selection of US-based companies.

The Shop Module is a section at the top of a profile devoted to selling products. Businesses may use a carousel to display their goods. When the Shop Module is active, customers may browse through the product carousel and touch on a product to learn more about it. They can even complete the transaction without ever leaving Twitter.

Google conducts a test of the ‘Areas Served’ feature for its Local Business Listings.

Google My Business/Local Business Listings are presently testing a new attribute. The ‘Regions Served’ property specifies and lists the geographical areas in which the company operates. Businesses will be able to update this via the ‘Info’ section of their Google My Business profile. More Digital Marketing Updates with regards to GMB will role out in the near future.